Admission requirements:

  • 50% in Mathematics
  • 50% in Physical Science 
  • 50% in English
  • 50% in Life Sciences
  • 50% in 2 Additional subjects 
  • 50% in Life orientation 

Applicants should have a minimum Admission Point Score of at least 28

Duration: 4 years

Closing date25 June 2021

Possible career:

  • Physiotherapists assess, treat, and prevent human movement disorder, pain, and dysfunction in order to optimize normal function at home, at work, and in communities for adults and children.
  •  Physiotherapists also play a pivotal role in community, industry, and school-related health promotion for clients of all age groups.
  •  Various hands‑on treatment methods (such as mobilization, manipulation, and massage), physical and mechanical modalities, and specifically designed exercise programs are used in the assessment and treatment of patients.

How to Apply for admission at SMU:

Quick Links:

First-time applicant 

Supporting documents for the first-time applicant (copies must be scanned and certified)

  • Grade 11 final report 
  • Grade 12 certificate (grade 12 June report is not accepted)
  • Proof of non-refundable application fee payment of R200
  • Copy of ID 

Ensure that you have a valid email address before applying 

 Use the official prospectus for banking details 

  1. Click here to apply 
  2. answer the questions on your screen as indicated below:
    • Do you have a student number? NO
    • Returning to complete the application? NO/YES (if you started and couldn't finish the application)
    • Scroll down to accept the rules and regulations 
    • start with application

Address hard copy application form to:

post to:

The Registrar

Sefako Makgatho Health Science University (SMU)

P O Box 60



Hand delivery to:

Enrolment Management Office 

Sefako Makgatho Health Science University

Clinical Pathology Building (Basement)

Office hour: 07h30-16h00 (Monday-Friday)

Email application to: