How to do readmission at TUT

Follow these simple guidelines to do readmission/re-apply at TUT, ensure that you have read and understood before you proceed.

How to do readmission at TUT

TUT readmission/re-apply 

  • Click here to Log in (use your student number and pin) 
  • Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines) on the top right corner 
  • Click Readmission
    • Click View application rules to accept the rules and regulations
    • Click "qualification you wish to apply for"
    • type Bachelor or Diploma or Higher certificate on the "Find a Program or qualification containing field to display all the programs under that Qualification. Alternatively, search the course you wish to enroll for (e.g Human Resource Management)
    • Restrict the search to undergraduate (First-time applicant) /postgraduate(an applicant who further their qualification)
    • then click the search button to search available courses
    • Choose the qualification of your choice to continue with the application
    • Click save and continue
  • Click Accept application to submit your application

required documents:

  • ID copy 
  • Matric results 
  • Proof of payment R240 (If you never paid the application fee before)