University of Limpopo

How to do re-admission at UL

The University of Limpopo is one of the biggest educational institution in South Africa. The University is located in Limpopo province, it has many courses in different faculties. Use the relevant link below to apply and download prospectus.


  • The University of Limpopo offers a lot of courses in different faculties with different requirements, It is more advisable for all prospective students to first check and ensure that they meet all the requirements of the courses that they wish to apply for because the university only allows five applications per academic year and it also has limited space for each course. The students who do not meet all the requirements, their applications will not processed.

Online application

  • Once you have confirmed that you meet all the requirements you may proceed with your application by clicking the link above. Applicants who do not have a student number, on the first three system questions should answer NO to all the questions and Accept the terms and conditions, then press NEXT to start with the application process. The application process should be accompanied by the following documents; an ID copy of the applicant, Proof of payment (R200 for application fee), and the Latest school results.

All prospective students are supposed to have an active phone number and email address for communication between the student and the university. If it happens the student lose or changes their contact details, they should inform the university so that they can communicate with them on their new contact details.