Prospectus 2022 pdf

  • Download the university's prospectus to confirm whether you meet the minimum requirements of the courses that you wish to apply for. all the applicants will be accepted based on the course criteria, do not apply if you don't meet the minimum requirements because the system will reject your application immediately. 

Online application

  • A non-refundable application fee of R150 is required upon your application process. Make sure to scan your deposit slip and upload it with other required documents. Your ID copy and National Senior Certificate should be scanned and certified.
  • First-time applicants answer the system questions as follows:
    • Do you already have a student number: No
    • Returning to complete application: No/Yes if you couldn't complete your application due to unforeseen circumstances
    • Accept the Terms and conditions, then click Next to start the application process.


  • Log in with your student number and pin
  • Click Application 
  • Navigate to submit application, then click it 
  • Restrict the search to undergraduate/postgraduate programme
  • Then click the search button.

If you would like us to assist you with an application to any public institution, kindly send us an email at